In the near future, cars will drive themselves and we will be simple passengers.

So, if we are not driving, what else can we do?

Electric Dream is a collection of colors, technologies, and musical instruments that produce and modulate the sound according to their position in space and are designed to be used in cars. Each instrument has unique acoustic and modulation properties.
Using gyroscopes, proximity sensors, and magnetic inks, the musician establishes a relationship with the instruments and the sound can be played from the car’s speakers.

All Dinamica® samples included in this collection were inspired by elements that are typical of solar panels, electrical circuit, and wire transmissions.

Electric Dream wants to show a way of interaction and entertainment between human beings and cars that go beyond a simple driving.

The choice of a collection that uses music and musical instruments has been driven by the desire to connect people to their vehicles using their senses and talents.

..and if in the future cars will be smart enough, they will serve healthy food for the driver!”

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Since 1997, we have produced Dinamica®, a microfiber which resembles suede, applying the principles of the circular economy and ensuring high standards throughout its production cycle. Obtained through an innovative polyester recovery process and used in sectors such as furniture, fashion and automotive. Dinamica® is made with a part of recycled polyester in various percentages depending on the application without the use of organic solvents but using a water-based process.
Dinamica® production process allows to extract fewer virgin raw materials since it is based on recycling waste products which would otherwise be sent to landfill sites or incinerated, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts associated with these processes.
Insight, entrepreneurial spirit, constant investments in research and development are the values ​​that have always guided our production and that open the doors to the future, innovation and design.


Matteo Cibic is an internationally acclaimed, award-win- ning designer based in Italy. He’s known for his objects with hybrid functions and anthropomorphic and joyful shapes. He works indiscriminately with industrial proces- ses and small artisans, for luxury brands, collectors and hi-tech companies. His works are displayed in museums, institutions and galleries worldwide.

Matteo has been awarded International Young Talent of the Year 2017 by Elle Decor. @matteocibic

| Design & Art Direction | Matteo Cibic Studio

| Technology & IT | Daniele Murgia

| Music | Mogoloco

| Make Up | Chiara Bullo

| Video | Davide Calafà